The frame is 104” wheelbase, as are the last of the Woods Mobilette’s production. The Sheridan Light Delivery is right hand drive, which is the only Woods Mobilette configured as such. The frame is under slung in front with semi-elliptical front leaf springs supporting an I-Beam front axle. The inside channels of the frame rails have been reinforced to prevent frame fractures normal occurring adjacent to both rear engine mounting bolts. The rear differential axle assembly is supported by three quarter elliptical leaf springs.
Woods Model 5A Chassis
Wheels are all wooden spoke 30” X 3” original wheels. Tires are inflated to 50-60 PSI with new rubber all around.

Brakes are only on the rear axle. The 8” rear drum brakes are activated by linkage connected to the drivers floor pedal. The emergency brake binders are affixed around the outer circumference of the rear drums. Those binders are linkage actuated by an emergency/parking brake lever affixed to the transmission shift lever housing. Also note there is an emergency magneto cut-off button located on the dashboard adjacent to the steering column.
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Sheridan Light Delivery Pictures