The engine is approximately 94 cubic inch displacement four cylinder gas powered magneto fired original Perkins engine. The cylinders were honed and rods and pistons reconditioned. All intake and exhaust valves were replaced with new ones. All pistons were refitted with new rings. The valve seats were ground to fit the new valves. The engines main components were all balanced at Buds’ Machine Shop in Lakewood, Washington.
Perkins Engine
The crankshaft was reconditioned to original specifications by Waterhouse of Tacoma, Washington. Babbitt and crankshaft installation was done by Ed Martinson of Antique Automotive Engineering, Inc. in Denver, Colorado. The magneto was rebuilt by Ed Strains in Florida with all new ignition wires and spark plugs. The engine is cooled using a thermo siphon system. The engine has only two main bearings, the rear being lubricated by a small piston camshaft activated pump, while the front bearing is splash only, as are all four rod bearings. The oil pan holds two quarts, confirmed by sight glass. The engine is hand cranked.
Woods Transmission
The transmission is a three forward speed, one reverse floor shifted unit with multiple dry disc clutch. The transmission bolts directly to the aft of the engine crankcase. The transmission is non-synchromesh in design and was rebuilt by Brian Fortner of Tacoma, Washington. The transmission was manufactured by Detroit Gear and Machine Co, Detroit, Michigan.
The Differential/rear axle assembly is conventional in appearance to most modern rear axle drive cars. The gearing is supported by radial ball bearings. The rear-end gear ratio is unknown. However, original sales literature quotes the Sheridan to obtain a speed of 40 MPH and 40 MPG!!!
Woods Rear End
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