Metal Body Panels ~ All of the Metal Body panels have been repaired and/or replaced and brought up to original specifications. All metal panels were reworked by local expert panel-beaters. Original specifications were duplicated to make a new gas tank with heavy wall steel sheet metal. The fuel tank was made extra heavy duty since it is captivated under the dash/firewall cowl panel.

Paint ~ All red body panels have been finished with clear over red powdercoat except the cowl panel and radiator shell, which have been painted with conventional red base coat with clear finish. The majority of all brackets, hinges, and hardware have also been powdercoated with clear over color. Both running boards have been finished with black “line-x” so as to protect from the rigors of foot traffic.

Upholstery ~ The upholstery, as with the assembly and finish of this very rare truck, was completed by the restorer/current owner. The rear and side curtains/tarps have been reproduced and will be soon installed. They are held rolled-up on the rear and sides with leather straps with turnbuckles.
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